Webshare is file hosting and storage provider, based in the Czech republic, but available to anyone who is interested in storing and sharing their files over the internet. Users can simply upload their data to the cloud and then access it at any time from any device and from anywhere in the world. This way, important files like work documents, school projects or photos of loving memories can be backed up to a protected storage space and stay safe in case anything happens to the user’s computer. Not only is it possible to save files, it is also possible to download any content made public by its owner. Through a simple search bar, the user can look for films, images,music and much more. For the user’s activity on Webshare, users are awarded points. These are sent to the account every time someone downloads a file the user uploaded, when the uploaded file is given a positive rating by another user or when a comment is left on the page where the file can be downloaded. Webshare hosts competitions and marketing events, which can also generate points. These points can be used to purchase a VIP account with more functions and benefits than the free one. To upload and download files, a subscription is not needed, the user can do that as a free guest without having to provide any information. To upload files, the user can choose them by browsing their computer storage or using the drag and drop feature. Even for guest users remote upload and multiple files upload is available. Before uploading, the user can also make their files private or mark them as adult content. The maximum size of 1 file is 20 GB, but there is no limit on how many files can be uploaded at once. Only entire folders cannot be stored, the user has to upload individual files. After the upload is completed, the website generates a download link, a group URL and a list of all the URL, if multiple files were uploaded. If large files are uploaded, using a desktop application is recommended. Webshare has its custom desktop client that can be downloaded on the website, but it is so far only available for Windows. To collect points, as described above, the user needs to register. Signing up for an account is free and has other advantages, such as the possibility to comment on public files, manage uploads easily and others.

Although the user can upload as many files as they want, if they’re not a VIP member, all files exceeding the limit of 5 GB will be deleted after 2 months. After signing up for the premium version, this limit extents to 10 GB or more, speed increases to the maximum ability of the user’s connection, up to 500 Mb/s, and they get 20+ download slots. Interrupted or paused downloads can be resumed with VIP and all ads from the search and file detail pages will disappear. The VIP account options are Silver, with 1 month of usage time and 10 GB of storage space, Gold with a period of 3 month and 20 GB of private space and Platinum for a whole 1 year and 50 GB of space. All prices include a VAT of 21%. Payment methods include credit card, online payment with GoPay, bank transfer, SMS payment which is a little more expensive and as noted above, all registered user can save up points and use them to pay for VIP services. A total of 10 000 points is necessary for the Silver account. Gift vouchers can also be purchased on the website, with more options for 6, 12 or 24 months. The voucher code can be simply copied into a text box on the website and the user is good to go. When searching for files to download, the results can be sorted by Most relevant, Latest, Highest score, Largest or Smallest. Registered users can save the files they found to download later in a kind of “shopping cart”. Other features of Webshare include a Linkchecker, where users can validate file URLs, a download list and download history, speed testing and more. For any questions, tips on improvement or advertisement offers, all contact information and a message box can be found on the website. The site is available in Czech and English.