Rapidgator offers file hosting services for simple and effective storing, transfer and sharing of any type of content, as long as it is legal and doesn’t infringe on the rules of the website. Millions of customers use the services every day to make their internet activities easier and faster. All servers are located on central traffic internet exchange points to make sure the fastest upload and download speed is accessible to any user. To use the services, the user needs to register. Setting up an account is free of charges and unlocks the basic functions of the website. These include free web upload, uploading via FTP and remote upload. Furthermore, the user can of course download data if provided a link to files stored on Rapidgator or store their own files, receiving a link to share with friends, family or colleagues and a deletion link. Searching for files on the website is not available, as most stored data is kept private. For free users, the limit on both uploading and downloading files is 500 MB and the speed might disappoint a little. Only 1 file per download is possible, so download accelerators can’t be used. The premium account offers more benefits like unlimited download speed, support of download managers, files staying on the user’s account for as long as the premium lasts, download file limit of 5 GB at a time, unlimited simultaneous downloads, no captchas, no waiting lines for file download and no ads. Payments are protected by a powerful SSL encryption and the system is fully compliant with PCI DDS Level 1, so that all provided information is guaranteed to stay private. There are 9 pricing plans with different amounts of offered bandwidth, storage and time period. The cheapest option is for 30 days, offers 1 TB of bandwidth and either 3 TB of storage or unlimited storage with files being deleted after 60 days since the upload. The most expensive subscription is for 365 days, 12 TB bandwidth and the user can also choose between 10 Tb storage or unlimited storage with the same expiration date. Payments are done by entering credit card information. By default, the subscription renews itself after the first one expires, meaning the user is charged again for an extension of their premium membership, 24 hours before the expiration and doesn’t need to worry about going through the payment process again. This can be easily stopped by unsubscribing from automatic renewal on the account profile page.

Rapidgator is also available as an app for Android, which can be downloaded on Google Play. Content creators nad website owners who are interested in monetizing and distributing files on the internet can the affiliate program offered by Rapidgator, which has multiple options how to make money: Pay per downloads, pay per sales of premium subscriptions, earning income through referral profit, meaning you bring an affiliate to Rapidgator and earn 10% from their profit and a webmaster program earning from 5% to 15% of the sales, which can be attributed to the owned website. Payout is possible with a minimum of 15 USD. Payments are sent weekly via virtual credit card or WebMoney. All new affiliates start by default with PPD and can change to PPS after earning at least 10 USD. The website supervisors can be reached via a Contact page where the user fills out a form. They select the type of question they are asking, so that the right person can help them as quickly as possible. Technical support is available monday to Friday from 12:00 to 21:00 GMT/UTC. Responses are to be expected within 24 hours. An API is also offered, to activate it, the user needs an active Rapidgator account and an access token, usually gained through a dedicated Rapidgator API user/login method. The user can naturally also call the API via POST or GET. The API will give an answer in JSON.