Alfafile offers data storage services for any interested user. The company uses mostly centralised networks to enable faster and better access to the stored files. Unlike other similar providers, the user can’t access data stored by others, but only search within their own storage space. Files can be uploaded easily by visiting the website and entering the page “My Files” and click on the Upload button. There are several ways to upload the files: Web upload, FTP or remote upload. The simplest method is web upload, where you just click the Add files button and search through your computer storage, or drag and drop the file into the dedicated upload window. Remote upload has a special function, where the user pastes the URL address in a pop-up window and press OK. Once the user uploads the data, they will receive a file download and deletion link. The services of Alfafile are free, you just need to create an account. Free users however face some serious limitations. For example the limit on uploadable and downloadable file size for free users is only 2 GB, whereas 50 GB for premium users. Each free user gets 3 TB of space for his files to avoid losing them in the case of a computer malfunction. More storage and extra bandwidth can be added by paying for a premium plan. Aside from shifting restrictions for more space and freedom, the premium plans also guarantee useful tools and features like unlimited simultaneous downloads, unlimited speed, direct links to files, no more ads and no waiting lines for downloads. Furthermore, whereas free users lose their files after 30 days of storage, when they are deleted, premium users can keep the files for as long as there account lasts. There are four pricing plans: for 30 days, for 90 days, for 180 days and for 365 days.

If the user wants to share files with friends or colleagues, they don’t need to worry that the selected receivers don’t have an Alfafile account. Hot links allow them to get access to your files without the account, but it will result in deducted bandwidth for the user. Although the files cannot be accessed by anyone uninvited from the outside, if the user makes download links public on the internet, search engines may be able to index the data.Content owners are recommended to use one time downloads. This way, the link will work only once and the user can safely control the distribution of their files. For this feature there is also a Callback url included that lets website owners know the file has been downloaded and send a response to the owner. Both hot downloads and one one time downloads are only available with premium. The payments to Alfafile are all secured by SSL technology, the user can pay via credit card, Paysafecard, local payment methods and Bitcoin. Subscriptions for monthly payments can be easily canceled by the user on his account page. In case of problems and troubles customer support is always ready to help. Alfafile also offers APIs to the user, for the creation of download manager apps or automated tools for upload and download. An affiliate network is also accessible for anyone who wants to make money using Alfafile. By sharing files, the user gets 50% from every order and also 50% for any rebill and owners of web pages can also gain income by referencing Alfafile on there website. All information on the website is available in 12 languages including several asian languages. The logo of Alfafile is a green folder, inviting the user to store any kind of file inside.