MediaFire is a file hosting and cloud storage provider with powerful tools and functions that allow users to get the full experience of working with their data on the internet. The services allow to share any kind of file, be it videos, photos, audio or documents via email, link or social network. Even entire folders can be send around to maximize workflow or save time. The storage can also be useful if the user wants to work with his data from a remote computer or other device and has to leave all necessary files at home. The basic services are completely free, only a registration through email is required. This simple option allows the user to store up to 10 GB of data with a maximum of 4 GB per 1 file. Ad-supported downloads are unlimited, the same applies to bandwidth. Multiple uploads are also available, so the user can upload hundreds or even thousands of files at once as long as they stay in the above mentioned limit. Any web browser is supported and MediaFire also offers reliable apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows or iPad, so that mobile phones and tablets can be used to get all the basic functions. The app can be downloaded from available app stores and allows automatic photo and video syncing, copying and pasting links, sharing through other apps and to open the files on the device. Stored files can be easily managed and controlled through a simple and powerful file manager. One-time links are offered so the user can be sure their files, such as sensitive work or personal documents, won’t get in unwanted hands. After the download the link expires and can’t be used again. Resumable downloads and zero waiting times are also free of charge.

For more functions, users can upgrade their account via a paid premium. There are two options: The Pro account and the Business account. Pro premium membership includes 1 TB of storage space, ad-free services, a limit of 20 GB per file, no annoying captcha codes, direct links to the stored data to bypass the download page, a portable upload tag available from any website, priority support, optional password protection and FileDrop, a handy tool that allows others to upload files directly into the user’s account without requiring view and edit permissions. This account option is billed month-to-month or annually, with the annual payments being more profitable as they save the user 25%. The other premium offer is Business, which is also billed monthly or annually and as the name suggests is perfect for companies and businesses. The two aforementioned subscription possibilities are available to 1 user only, the Business plan allows more than a hundred users to access the same account. A detailed security log keeps all important information on changes that were made and when they were made. The plan also includes a subdomain for fully customizable branding, allowing users to for example choose their own colour theme of the web page. When signing up for the Business model, the user can choose how much space they need and are willing to pay for, from 1 up to 100 TB.

MediaFire also maintains its own blog where the company posts news and updates, for example an article on a upgraded in-browser downloader that allows faster, multi-threaded downloads. Articles are sorted by topic into categories News, Community, Tutorial, Culture and Developers. Just like any high quality file hosting service MediaFire also offers support either in the form of FAQ or by contacting technical support. There are dozens of short articles included in the Help section, giving advice on how to operate the website or the app, how to pay etc. A handy search bar can guide the user to the answer they need. MediaFire also offers a bulk downloader, which allows thousands of files and folders to be downloaded at once. It compresses all the data into a .zip file. There is a limit of 5,000 files that can be downloaded at once this way and the maximum size for one download batch is 2 GB, with the maximum size of an individual file being 300 MB. For users who are interested in a static web hosting CDN, the website has a link to which supplies these services.