1fichier is a a popular file hosting website among all sorts of users. The platform is registered in France and has a brown box as a logo to symbolize its storage potential. With four different pricing plans you can decide on your own, how much you are willing to pay for which special set of tools. The first, anonymous account, is free of charges, however it contains some significant limitations for its users. Download speed is rather slow, you will encounter ads, the amount of sent files is limited to 100 GB, the maximum amount of received files counts up to 5 GB and once you stop downloading, you can’t resume from where you stopped. You also don’t get access to their cloud storage. If you are not afraid to share some private information, you can sign up via e-mail address and by solving a simple captcha. This account option is also free and you get 1 TB of cloud storage usage, download speed gets a little faster and the limit on size of received files shifts to 50 GB. After registering, uploading via FTP network also becomes available. Aside from these changes, there are no significant differences between the two free account options. With both, you get optional access to a content delivery network, or CDN for short, for a fast and simple delivery of shared files to the receiver selected by the user. The service costs amount to 1 euro per 100 GB. With a registered account, you get 10 GB of CDN credits for free.

There are two alternatives for a paid account. The first plan is called Access, it costs only 1 euro per month or 10 euros for a year in advance. With this account you can enjoy unlimited downloading speed, priority download, IP-verification, an optional download manager, simultaneous downloads and a maximum of 100 GB of receivable files. You also get rid of ads and download waiting times and are able to pause and resume downloads at will. The last option is the Premium account which unlocks all of the available benefits of 1fichier. For 3 euros per month or 30 euros for a year of services, you get access to a premium network, enabling top downloading speed, 100 GB of CDN credits per month included in the plan and unlimited usage of the cloud storage. You can pay for the subscription via Paysafecard, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin, all payments are done discreetly and securely. As described below, other payment systems can be accessed through a partner website. The whole network is protected by IPv4, IPv6 and SSL technology. The user can switch these measures off, if he wishes to do so, usually to further increase download speed. The user does this at their own risk. If you want to try the speed of 1fichier for yourself, the web page offers a registration-free speed test.

The premium account on 1fichier can also be subject to reselling on various partner websites. The accounts are sold at the same price as usual, but you get more payment possibilities - for example PayPal or Skrill. Sometimes sales at fixed times are offered on these sites, so you can save some extra money. The Access account cannot be bought this way, only Premium. The 1fichier network has servers maintained in secure data centers throughout France and Holland. Each account type operates on separate servers to fairly distribute bandwidth and avoid data jams. The network has the form of interconnected clusters rather than a centralised entity and is under the total control of the company. Some useful discounts can also be accessed when paying larger amounts of money, for example 40 TB of CDN credits will cost you 200 euros less than the original price of 400 euros. All links can also be further protected by a password, you need to enter to gain access to the saved file. With a MyDebrid.com account you can also access the Premium account of 1fichier as well as paid subscriptions of many other similar sites.