The website Uploadgig offers all that is needed for fast and reliable upload and download of the users’ data for free. To use the services it is necessary to sign up by providing an email address and a password. It is very fast and simple and allows the user to access all the basic functions of Uploadgig, such as an upload and download speed of about 50 kB/s and a waiting time of 60 seconds.Users can store their files to access them later from other devices, for example from a work computer or their phone or to share them with others who can download it to their devices. No need to send multiple emails or work with an USB drive. File hosting services are much faster and more convenient than these older already outdated methods. Upload is available via searching for files from the user’s hard drive, using remote upload and providing a working link or via FTP client application. For users who plan to use the services for a longer time, it is recommended to get premium and get rid of limitations and speed bumps. Premium membership offers unlimited download speed, fast enough to reach the full potential of the user’s internet service provider. Parallel downloads are also possible, so that the user can download multiple files at ones, for example a whole series of a TV show, as long as the copyright laws allow it of course. Privacy is on a higher level with premium and 100% anonymity is guaranteed. Premium users also don’t have to put up with annoying ads and waiting times, gaining priority in downloads. Four premium alternatives are offered: for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days, the larger the subscription the more money is saved by the user. Payment is processed via credit card or PayPal, but resellers offer more options such as Bitcoin, Webmoney, Amazon Pay, Paysafecard, SMS pay or bank transfer.

Content owners can also use Uploadgig as a way to earn easy money by simply uploading their files to the server and then gaining commissions from their audience who download the content using premium. Each new affiliate starts with the basic partnership plan which is upgraded after a limit of earned money is reached. The default basic account comes with 2 TB of disc space, where files expire after 60 days. The PPS and rebill rate at this stage is 50% and only goes up higher. As soon as the user hits the gal of 200 USD, they level up to a bronze account with 4 TB, 80 days of storage time and a 60% PPS and rebill rate. This goes on until the highest level is reached: Platinum. With platinum, the user gets 200 TB of disc space, files last for 365 days and the commission reaches 80%. Website owners can also earn money, the system here is much more simple: 10% of sales from the partnered website are sent to the owner. Payout time differs based on the account type, minimum possible withdrawal for Paypal, Webmoney and Payza is 30 USD and 1000 USD for wire transfer. To upload files to Uploadgig a permission and action URL are needed. This can be done via API. The website has a dedicated page, where all necessary information on how to use the interface is laid out. Both PHP and Python is available. The website protects all sensitive information by reliable security safeguards.No spyware, malware, or other viruses can get in. If a premium user is unhappy with the services, they can ask for help via e-mail or ask for a refund. This is possible only within the first 3 days after the account is established and only if the user downloaded less than 1 GB or more than 2 different files.