Uloz.to is a popular Czech provider of free sharing of files online. Aside from storing and transferring the user’s own files, they can also search for films, music, documents or other types of files. Videos can be streamed online, but this option is charged for credit. Downloading is free as long as the users chooses the slow option, which is limited to a maximum of 300 kB/s. All it takes is to enter a captcha puzzle and the download will resume quickly. Guest users can freely upload, download and share their files with others. Registered users can also manage their uploaded files for more comfort and leave comments and ratings on the files that are made public, to help other users decide which of the possible alternatives to download. Accounts that have a VIP credit score can also use NAS functions for download, the command link is accessible in the FAQ section on the website. Since the premium option, that is common with other similar providers, is replaced by a simple credit system, most rules apply to all users whether they bought credits or are just using the free services. This applies for example to a common limit on uploadable file size of 18 GB. If the file the user wishes to upload exceeds this limitation, it is advised to use programs such as WinRAR or WinZIP to divide the data into smaller entities. Similarly, the total amount of files the user can upload is not limited. They might get deleted eventually however, unless the user purchases the extra feature Uloz.to cloud. It is also possible to upload via command line. Only registered users can make their files private, either during the upload or later in the provided file manager. Files can also be protected via password. If FileManager is used during the upload, it is advised to register, otherwise the user will be unable to delete the file later.

To add credit to the user’s account a registration is necessary. If the user’s bank allows it, they can pay via fast transfer and receive credit immediately. Paying by credit card also enables fast access to credits, paying via basic bank transfer takes longer to get credit, usually within two days.There are two ways to buy credit by phone: sending a usual SMS or via M-payment, which also works via SMS, but can be safer, faster and more comfortable. Other ways to get credit include a gift coupon, cryptocurrencies, the website tipsport and the programs Uploader and CreditBack. These programs allow the user to regain some of the credit they spend, for example CreditBack returns 5 GB of data if the user downloaded or streamed 30 GB of credit. This feature is activated automatically for each user and is paid for each month within 5 days of the new month. With Uploader you get special credit for uploading content and sharing it online. Bought credit and credit acquired through the Uploader program expires in 2 years, credit received via the CreditBack program expires in 6 months. The website tells the user about two weeks before the expiration date about it. Finally, it is also possible to buy Uloz.to Cloud services for either 3 months or 1 year and receive 1 TB of extra space and transferable data. Aside from faster downloads, the credits can be used to access online streaming of some of the stored videos. Shorter videos can be played for free, longer videos such as movies cost credit. The download options are not changed by this in any way. The video the user paid for can then be downloaded and replayed for 24 hours.

Uloz.to is is available as a phone app as well and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or on Google play, it can also be installed as a desktop app into the computer for quick access. Users interested in becoming partners can do so after registering and receiving a partner number. The offered programs are Webmaster+ and Linkshare+. A unique feature of Uloz.to is also the Uloz.to Live page, where users can upload videos for free for others to watch directly via free streaming. There are some limitations on the size of the file and the length of the video. Beside the usual content on Uloz.to this feature also includes videos from partner sites Bandzone, 31s, Titul.in, Vivala and others. In the case of any questions or problems, the user can contact the administrators on the page directly via a form. Uloz.to also offers career possibilities for those interested.