Pornoid is a Czech file storage website designed specifically for adult content. On the home page, the user can load videos from the categories most downloaded, newest and best rated. A search bar in the top right corner can lead the user to specific content he searches for. The videos can’t be streamed on the website, but downloading them is completely free. Free users can also upload their files to Pornoid easily and cost free, as long as it follows community guidelines, such as a ban on all material depicting violence, humiliation, children on animals. Advertisement can only be uploaded with a clear permission from the website owner. Unregistered visitors can however only upload files of a size of up to 2 GB. After registering, the new member can upload and manage their own content with a maximum file size of 50 GB, leave comments and give reviews or ratings on each available file. Uploaded video scan be made public for others to download or set it private for only the owner and the people they provide a download link. Thanks to the high level of security that Pornoid offers, the user can be sure they want fall victim to hackers and cyber attacks. For both free and registered not paying users, download speed is rather slow, the maximum they can hope for is 300 kB/s. Only one download slot is offered, which leads to waiting times. Resumable downloads and multi-threaded downloads are also not available for free user. Therefore it is recommended to get premium and get access to unlimited speed, twelve times the amount of download slots, resuming paused or failed downloads and multi-threaded downloading. To get premium, the user has to register via email first. It takes only a couple of minutes and afterwards they can access all the features and tools of the file hosting service for very cheap prices. Premium membership is paid for via SMS, this unfortunately only applies to Czech and Slovak phone numbers, unless you sign up for a debrid service, that allows you to use the services together with premium accounts of other similar platforms. Larger amounts of credit can also be purchased via bank transfer or bitcoins. More information on this is available on the Datoid description or on the website itself. The account is only supposed to serve privately one user, it is not allowed to share it with others. Sending spam is also prohibited.

Pornoid is a subdomain of Datoid and a lot of the functions, rules and mechanisms from that provider apply to Pornoid as well. The payment system for example is the same, with the lowest amount of available credits accounting to 40 GB and the highest exceeding 1 TB. Between midnight and 8 in the morning the prices go down significantly, so it is recommended to wait until then. Just like Datoid, Pornoid can be used to monetize content, specifically pornographic images and videos by sharing the files stored on the platform among the user’s audience and get paid for each premium download. Webmasters can also use these services, but instead they get 15% of each deal they supply. The payment can be done in the form of money or credits for downloading. An email address is available for the user to get any information not provided on the website and another specific address is for business offers. There is also a simple textbox, where the user can type their message and sent it directly to the website administrators, for example to complain if something doesn’t work for the user as it should or to give tips on how to improve the services among any other kind of remarks.