If you are over the age of 18 and you are looking for a place to download and stream pornographic content, than Pornfile is the website for you. It is a Czech website and serves as a subdomain of the popular file hosting service Just like with a lot of easily accessible online porn sites, you have to agree to some terms and conditions before entering the home page. You need to agree to only keep the available content to yourself, not sell it or share it with others and especially not with minors. If the visitor belongs to a country with different definitions of underage than the Czech republic, than these laws apply for the user. After entering the page you can watch shorter videos and previews for free by clicking on the provided thumbnails or search for the desired content via a search bar. Some videos can be streamed right away, others can only be watched online for a specific amount of credit or they are not playable because of the video format. This however doesn’t affect downloading possibilities, so you can watch the video for free on your computer. The download speed for free users is rather slow, maximum speed should be around 300 kB/s but it’s not guaranteed. Faster download is accessible again for some credits. It's usually not much and downloads the files with lightning speed. The user can create an account to upload their own files. They can be entirely private, made public or accessible through a referral link and should be of the same nature as the rest of the content on Pornfile. After the upload the user receives a link for download and a link to delete the file. Maximum file size is 18 GB, but this size could be further limited by the web browser the uploader uses. If the amount of data the user wishes to upload exceeds the limit of 18 GB, it is recommended to split the file into several smaller archives, for example with the help of dedicated programs such as WinRAR and WinZIP or through a command line interface. Privacy and safety measures are on a very high level.

The registration is free, but it comes with some serious limits. To get the full experience, the user has to buy credits. This is only possible with an account. With credits, the user can unlock paywalls and stream charged videos or download much faster. Purchases on Pornfile have to done by sending an SMS, only Czech and Slovak phone numbers are accepted. The user first selects the amount of data they wish to add ranging from 1 GB to 115 GB and then clicks a link which gives them information on what text to sent and to what number. All costs are in Euros and Czech crowns. The data credit stays in the user’s account for a maximum period of 2 years since the payment was successfully processed. Credit can be gained in other ways, through gift cards, special offers and most notably through Uploader and CreditBack programs. With Uploader you get special credit for uploading content and sharing it online. This is closely related to Linkshare+ and Webmaster+ programs, for which you need a partner number. A very unique feature of Pornfile is the CreditBack program, rather unusual with most file hosting services. For a certain amount of wasted credit, the user gets some back. This is done completely automatically, no need to sign up for the program. The payouts happen monthly and it works as follows: for 30 GB of spend data, the user gets 5 GB back, 60 GB of credit give them 10 GB back, and so on. Credit gained this way expires in 6 months. Pornfile can be accessed on Smart TVs too, but only for streaming videos and looking at pictures, download is not possible. All deleted files end up in a trash bin, where they stay for 30 days before being deleted and can be recovered for the mentioned span of days. Nobody but the user can access them during this time. For further questions, the website offers a thorough FAQ section and contact information to send an email.